General Terms & Conditions

 General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
Body Art & Expression Judith-Elisa Kaufmann
School for Ballet & Performing Arts

With the participation in any event (course/lessons/rehearsals/competitions) or the signature on a registration form of Body, Art & Expression, the consent to the terms and conditions is given and our GTC are thereby accepted as an integral part of each course registration/participation adhering to Austrian jurisdiction!

Exclusion of liability: The school, the teachers and guest teachers are not liable for accidents during lessons, on the way to or from lessons or for lost checkroom and valuables!

Children & Youth Courses:  By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I as a parent/legal guardian agree that my child may participate in all graduation as well as promotion events, competitions and other (dance) events of BodyArtandExpression according to §6 of the Federal Act on the Employment of Children and Youth 1987 - KJBG, as well as perform on stage.

Parents/guardians are liable for their children: school-owned inventory, teaching materials, costumes, etc., provided to students by the school for the duration of classes/rehearsals/performances, etc., must be replaced in full by the parents/students concerned in the event of damage or disappearance.

Courses & Tuition: Course fees must be paid at the latest before the 2nd course unit in October or March; Received by bank transfer. Otherwise a handling fee of € 0,50 per additional unpaid working day will be charged. In case of cancellation of a course (due to illness or personal reasons) no refund of fees! In case of withdrawal due to illness, no fee refund will be made unless the duration and severity of the illness can be credibly proven by an appropriate professional (in accordance with the provisions of the KSchG).

The semester price for courses starting in March (if there are still places available) is higher than the price for courses starting in October because there is no binding registration for 8 months. October courses are always binding for 8 months for children and youth courses.

Course registrations and vouchers are non-transferable!

October course entries are ALWAYS binding for 8 months for children and youth courses. Courses that are binding for 8 months (all children and youth courses, dance mice, children's dance, commercial/show dance, acrobatics, musical, hip hop, urban, ballet, pointe, workouts, jazz, step, newstyle, modern, contemporary, monthly passes, designated special courses) can be paid in 2 installments in the 1st lesson in October and March of the year. Cancellation of classes after one semester is not allowed, the 2nd installment must be paid.

Trial lessons are possible if course places are available, cost € 20,- and are to be paid in cash before the respective lesson. When booking the course afterwards, this amount will be deducted from the course fee. Since data must also be collected for a trial lesson, these terms and conditions are also valid for trial lessons.

For workshops or courses with registration via email, course and participant contracts become legally binding through payment of the course fee and full acceptance of the GTC. Cancellation regulations are stated in the course description. After expiration of the cancellation period, no cancellation/refund is possible.

Children and adolescents must be brought to and from class independently by their parents or guardians. The school does not bear any responsibility or costs for arrival or departure as well as the organization of the same! Children and teenagers must appear appropriately dressed for class (see guidelines on the website), hair must be combed out of the face, jewelry is not allowed in class.

Lessons missed through the fault of the course participant can be made up within the course duration in an ongoing course (of choice, excluding individual lessons and special courses).

In case of cancellation of already booked dance lessons, which are not the fault or the sphere of Body Art & Expression, the students or their respective legal guardians shall indemnify and hold the dance school harmless. Body Art & Expression will nevertheless make every effort to find an adequate substitute in the form of online lessons, and the cancelled lessons will in any case be deemed to have been compensated. Body Art & Expression will further try to make up for the cancelled lessons - as far as possible - provided that the unforeseen and unavoidable obstacle, which is not within the discretion of Body Art & Expression, has ceased to exist.

Cell phones are to be switched off in the school building, and they may only be taken into lessons in exceptional situations that have been discussed. Smoking is prohibited in the entire school premises! We ask for quietness and discipline in the checkrooms and common rooms during class times!

Classes will start on time. In order to avoid the risk of injury due to late arrival in class and thus missing warm-up, we request absolute punctuality. It is up to the teacher in charge to decide if he/she will expel the student for this reason if he/she is grossly unpunctual.

Information on the use of personal data/privacy policy:

With my signature on the course registration form, I acknowledge that my personal data (first name, surname, in some cases first name and surname of the legal guardian(s), date of birth, gender, address, zip code, city, telephone number, e-mail address, entry date, tariff class/division, possibly function) will be processed electronically and manually within the institution on a contractual basis (membership, course participation). The purposes of the processing are: dance, organizational and professional administration and financial processing, participant management, sending event and course information, the booked training session and invitations. Body, Art & Expression, headquarters 1200, Webergasse 23/Kluckygasse 10, is the controller of the processing activities set forth herein. The provision of my data is necessary for the fulfillment of the institution's purpose and enrollment procedures, in case of failure to provide it, course participation or enrollment in the institution will not be possible. Consequently, the contracting parties agree to the use of their above-mentioned data by Body, Art & Expression for the above-mentioned purposes beyond the legal obligation for monetary and payment transactions, as well as the transfer to Body, Art & Expression in case of need. The contracting parties are entitled to revoke the declarations of consent given by them at any time, provided that this does not prevent the processing of the commissioned project in question.

The customer/course participant or their legal guardians have the right to rectification, deletion, restriction and objection in connection with the use of their personal data in accordance with Article 16 ff DSGVO and can contact Body, Art & Expression in this regard at any time.

In addition, all data will be deleted at the end of the course (provided that there are no mutual liabilities, such as payment arrears, any legal disputes or a legal obligation to retain data) within one year of withdrawal at the latest.

If the contracting party is of the opinion that the processing of its data violates data protection law or that its data protection claims have been violated, it has the option of lodging a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Information on the transfer of data to professional or umbrella organizations: I acknowledge that in case of participation in competitions (e.g. stage dance championships, student exchange projects, co-productions) a transfer of personal data to professional or umbrella associations may be necessary for the handling of these competitions. The purposes of the processing by the umbrella organizations include the legal, fiscal and administrative support of the school, the management of joint projects and events, the implementation of courses and training, support and cooperation in the area of public relations, etc. I hereby agree that the data collected with this form may also be passed on to cooperation and event partners such as the Association for the Coordination of Health, Art & Movement, ASDU international or other stage competition organizers for the purposes stated in the preceding privacy statement/information on the use of personal data. A revocation is possible at any time in writing and with effect for the future. I take note that the revocation of the consent of data disclosure may mean the exclusion from various events, competitions and also training sessions or education. I further acknowledge that in the event of a possible revocation, restrictions in the practice of a competitive sport or competitive sport are likely, as the disclosure of data is a prerequisite for this.  

Use of image/photo/video recording:

By signing the course registration form, parents/dancers transfer to the school the (perpetual) rights to all photo and film footage of their children/themselves taken during their time at Body, Art & Expression in the course of school events. By signing on the front of this form, you agree that photo and film/video footage taken during our events (rehearsals, classes, performances, competitions, workshops, etc) for the purpose of school public relations may be used for this purpose. This via live stream (broadcast over the internet at the time of recording, no storage), via the internet (accessible at any time worldwide by anyone) and in social media (accessible at any time worldwide by anyone). I do not derive any rights (e.g. remuneration) from this consent. This declaration of consent can be revoked at any time with effect for the future by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by postal letter. In case of revocation, the recordings will be removed from the respective platform. If the recordings were available on the Internet, they will be removed insofar as they are subject to the disposal options of the school.    

Filming and photographing at performances, in rehearsals or during lessons by parents present, etc. is prohibited!

Consent Newsletter/Course Information:

"Personal data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject). It may be private, professional, ­economic information, characteristics, knowledge or physiological features. Personal data are, for example, your contact details, such as your e-mail or home address. In the context of our contractual relationship with you, we process your contact data. In addition to the use of this data for the execution of the contract, we would like to use your contact information (e-mail, home address, fax, telephone number) to inform you about the events of our institution, course program, offers, workshops, as well as useful and interesting information on the topics of dance, dance medicine, dance education, sports, health and healthy lifestyle. The newsletter will be sent electronically to the e-mail address provided. Frequency of sending: according to necessity (max. 1x/month). Unsubscribing is possible ­at any time in writing with effect for the future by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

With this declaration of consent, you expressly and voluntarily agree to the use of your contact data for the transmission of advertising and information material. You can revoke this declaration of consent at any time, but this will also mean that we can no longer inform you about courses (course postponements, time changes, etc.).

Copyright protection: The entire content of the Body, Art & Expression course program, all related documents and content therein, choreographies, productions, writings, scripts and the like are subject to copyright protection. Any unauthorized reproduction, publication, copying or offering of an adapted version of the training, the course plan, contents of website, forms, scripts, even in part, photographic and film material of the school will be immediately legally sanctioned and will result in both civil and criminal consequences according to § 81ff UrhG.