Ballet Children

Ballett SchuhStarting off with Ballet children I the kids are approximately 6 or 7 years of age. Still, classes are conducted in a playful and age-appropriate manner but already focussing on ballet technique for children. Anatomically correct alignment and safe dance training are our first and foremost concern when children start to explore the basics of classical dance, to support and enhance the child’s motor development and prevent injury.

Children are being transferred to higher levels and classes as soon as their very individual development has reached the best point for joining higher degrees of education. Depending on the child’s individual development children can stay for various time spans in one and the same course. Every child receives their own input to support their individual development and avoid over- and underload which might lead to a loss of joy or even injury. The ability to execute basic dance technique appropriately will be recognised by the certified teacher who will then transfer the kid to higher levels of training.

Ballet for children are 60 minutes classes once a week (except for holidays); the registration is binding for 8 months. School year is devided in 2 terms running from October to January and March to June, where the school year is terminated with a theatre production for family and fans.

“Leistungsklassen” are advanced and very special children’s classes for higher ages which include character dance, rhythmic education, tap dancing and modern styles into some hours of the training.