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Our classical ballet classes for children aged around 12 and older are categorized according to the syllabus of the classical Russian ballet education into the 8 basic levels of the Vaganova School, which denote the level and degree of difficulty. Levels 1-4 (Ballet 1 and 2) are also suitable for amateurs, while from Level 5 onwards, the classes are reserved for professional training (starting from Ballet 3).


The classes each last 90 minutes and span two semesters. It's recommended to arrive early enough for training and to independently make use of the general and specific warm-up opportunities. The preparation for this is consistently taught in our classes, aiming to ensure dancers learn to design their warm-up scientifically and effectively before the start of class to prevent injuries and to consistently advance their performance level.

Water bottles are allowed in the classes. Dress code must be observed: clothing should fit snugly as per classical ballet standards, allowing the accompanying educator to monitor the dancer's body during training and guide the dancer safely throughout their education. Hair should be styled following classical ballet tradition, kept away from the face.

Many of the Vaganova classes can be combined with pointe work and other classes, provided the dancer's level of training is adequate and it benefits them without overwhelming them.



90 minutes


annual fee € 495,-

(€ 250 per semester, payable in October and March according to the terms and conditions)


On-site registration, trial lessons are available.

Please send inquiries and information using the contact form – we look forward to seeing you!

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