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Ballettschülerin von Body, Art & Expression

The School for Stage Dance and Yoga, Body, Art & Expression, with locations in Styria and Vienna, only employs dance teachers who have graduated from the Academy for Dance Pedagogy & Dance Medicine, Austria. Their four-year degree guarantees the excellent teaching quality of Body, Art & Expression for all classes, all ages and all levels. The dance teachers combine sound dance technical and dance pedagogical expertise in their respective dance style with their specialization in dance medicine and dance sciences (training sciences, neuro-/psychology, etc.). These pedagogical specialist skills at the highest level make this school so special: the pedagogical support of the (dance) development of all students is based on scientifically founded pillars, which enables performance enhancement and injury prevention appropriate to age and dance level. Small classes ensure that each student and dancer receives the individualized support they deserve.

…because we care!


The school places great value on harmonious, respectful interaction, where a holistic approach promotes the individual development of all dancers and teachers. Tolerance, courtesy and respect within all age groups, genders and skin colors provide an empowering motivational climate that emphasizes autonomy, perception of one's own competence, conflict management and collaborative learning. These pillars have guaranteed the well-being of everyone in the team since 1998.

Body Art & Expression was founded in 1998 by Dr. Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, an internationally renowned (university) lecturer in dance medicine, dance education and dance sciences, who ran the school until 2022. Since 2023 and its 25th anniversary, the school has been under the direction of dance pedagogue Mag. Karl-Heinz Kaufmann.


The students and graduates of Body Art & Expression perform nationally and internationally in many renowned and smaller theatres and ensembles and are involved in touring projects and repertoire ensembles as dancers and choreographers.

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Since its foundation in 1998, the school has continuously participated in national and international stage and show dance competitions. Over the years, the school's dancers have won hundreds of national and European championship titles for groups and soloists in the categories of ballet, modern dance, contemporary, character dance, urban style, street styles, musical and show dance.

The school is also home to the company and Show Dance Group "Summary-Dancers" under the direction of Summy Riegler. The company can be hired for large and small festivities, festivals, show openings and show interludes, music videos as well as video and photo advertising campaigns, performing on large and small stages. The Summary Dancers have become known not only for their excellent dance performances, but also for their versatility and adaptability. The dream of many of the school's dancers is to one day be invited to join the Summary Dancers via the "Summary Dancers Youngsters" formation and thus follow in the footsteps of the highly esteemed soloist Summy Riegler.

Summary Dancers von Body, Art & Expression
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