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Kinder bei Tanztraining

The children's dance choreography class “Creative Dance Life” for children from 7 years old is especially ideal in combination with the “Children’s Dance Basics” classes. The class creates a space where children can engage with their dance, their creativity, their bodies, with music and rhythm, as well as inner and outer movement. In this way, the dance technique developed in the Children's Dance Basics courses is experienced and creatively implemented here.

Each class lasts 60 minutes and, apart from public holidays and school holidays, takes place once a week for each booked course. The mandatory course duration is 8 months and is divided into two semesters (October to January and March to June). In June, the school year concludes with a major public theater production.

The Children's Dance Choreography course is perfectly suited for combination with Children's Dance and/or Acrobatics, which offers the possibility to attend 2 or more training sessions per week.



60 minutes

for Children from 7 years old


annual fee € 425,-

(€ 215 per semester, payable in October and March according to the terms and conditions)


Registration on-site, trial lessons are available

For inquiries and information, please send via the contact form – we look forward to hearing from you!

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