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Pointe Dance

Spitzentanz von Schülerinnern von Body, Art & Expression

Pointe dance should always be combined with ballet training to ensure dancers are adequately prepared for training in pointe shoes. The higher Vaganova levels are always offered in the timetable combined with pointe dance, which is an integral part of classical professional training and lasts 60 minutes.

The primary prerequisite for pointe dance is dance suitability, followed by age. An approximate minimum age of 12 years can be considered a guideline. However, the decisive factor for admission is always the achieved individual training level. That's why, in our 30-minute amateur classes, participation in a pointe dance class is only permitted with individual consultation and requires attending at least three training sessions per week as a basis.


We prioritize the health of the dancer over the fashionable notion that ballet should always be danced in pointe shoes.



45 minutes


annual fee € 385,-

(€ 195 per semester, payable in October and March according to the terms and conditions)


On-site registration, trial lessons are available.

Please send inquiries and information using the contact form – we look forward to seeing you!

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