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Dancing Mice



Our preparatory classes for the youngest are called "Dance Mice" and are aimed at boys and girls from about 2.5 or 3 years old. The Dance Mice lay the foundation for all subsequent dance directions (from ballet to hip-hop) based on a solid dance technique. The teaching approach is age-appropriate and playful, focusing on the basic principles of dance, rhythm, music, and movement.

Dance and movement games support the child's motor development. The educators who teach these classes are trained in both dance pedagogy and dance medicine to ensure that this development is optimally supported and promoted. Motor skills and abilities are prepared for subsequent classes such as children's ballet, musicals, or acrobatics through strengthening, stretching, and coordination games. The goal of the preparatory course is to teach the children, from a young age and in a playful manner, the correct, anatomical way to handle their bodies. They explore their limits and possibilities and learn a good, economical posture regarding those joint positions in dance that should be actively protected and observed to enable injury-free dance and movement. Polite interaction and the joy of learning, combined with healthy respect and constructive discipline, form the foundation of each class.

The Dance Mice classes last 45 minutes per session and, apart from holidays and school vacations, take place once a week for each booked course. The mandatory course duration is 8 months, divided into two semesters (October to January and March to June). In June, the school year concludes with a large, public theater production.


45 minutes


annual fee €385

(per semester € 195,- payable in October and March according to the terms and conditions)



Registration on-site, trial sessions are available.

Please send inquiries and information via the contact form – we look forward to seeing you!

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