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The term "Yoga" denotes training for both body and mind, aiming to enhance the ability for focus and concentration. There are various types of yoga, which all, more or less, aim for the same goal but can be very different in their execution and training structure.

Yoga is an Indian philosophical teaching that encompasses a series of mental and physical exercises. In some courses, the emphasis is solely on the asanas, the basic body positions to be performed, with little discussion about their underlying principles. Unfortunately, meditation exercises (Dhyana) and, especially, breathing exercises (Pranayama) are often not given enough emphasis.

With us, you will learn the "classic form" of yoga, Hatha Yoga, a training for body, mind, and soul. This not only imparts high physical fitness, flexibility, and inner and outer balance but also the ability for conscious tension and relaxation. Through yoga, you can significantly improve your concentration and profoundly change your approach to handling stress. Additionally, it offers a high degree of physical balance training that considerably enhances your well-being.

Let yourself be guided – by a certified yoga teacher and yogi with heart and soul – into the experience of Hatha Yoga! Through his calm demeanor and pleasant voice, he can bring you a step closer to your true self.



90 minutes


annual fee € 495,-

(€ 250 per semester, payable in October and March according to the terms and conditions)


On-site registration, trial lessons are available.

Please send inquiries and information using the contact form – we look forward to hearing from you!

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