Training Apparel

Suitable training apparel is a means of enhancing performance and prevent injuries. Depending on the dance style cloths must be tight or can be comfier, as long as the training is not cumbered and the apparel poses no threat to the dancers themselves or colleagues and teachers.

Tight cloths allow the teacher to supervise and correct alignment of joints and technique. For all ballet classes tight clothing is obligatory.

Loose needles, applications, or ribbons and other dangers for the dancers themselves or others are prohibited!

Our vocational classes ask for uniforms which can be purchased in school.

Hair is to be fixed securely out of face to prevent injuries and allow for social exchange.

In all dance halls and ailes leading to dance halls, warm up / cool down rooms and fitness facilities dirty shoes and outside shoes are strictly prohibited.

Mind your personal belongings. The school or the teachers on duty cannot be held responsible for your losses or damage!