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GTC Summary-dancers

The Summary-dancers are a professional and internationally performing showdance company whose main asset is their versatility. The dancers of the company are trained in different dance styles, ranging from ballet to modern, contemporary, showdance, character and folk dances, urban styles, acrobatics to name a few.

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The Summary-dancers also perform for festivals, TV spots and advertisement, music videos and short films, anniversaries and special occasions such as weddings, proms, show acts and other.
The director and chief choreographer is Summy Riegler, who has been an award winning dancer and choreographer for over 10 years. Promoted assistance is the classical ballet soloist and choreographer Annkathrin Dehn.

Guest teachers and choreographers who have worked with the company are internationally renowned artists such as Tony Lardge, Yuri Yoshimura, Janet Vincenza, Martina Riegler and other. Professional photographer and makeup artist Florasign is the company's chosen photographer.

The award winning company’s professional dancers and their juniors are training with Body, Art & Expression.

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